Simple Record Keeping and Planning for Montessorians.

Montessori Notes provides the flexibility, visibility, and accessibility that Montessorians need to record keep and plan from anywhere at any time. For Montessorians by Montessorians.

Do Less With More

Montessori guides prepare the environment, offer presentations, give lessons, and remove obstacles.  In order to best serve the child, record keeping and planning needs to be done on a regular and consistent basis.  Montessori Notes is designed to help.  With pre-loaded lessons, color coding, customizable options and the ability to record right from the plans, Montessori guides are now equipped to do their record keeping and planning more efficiently and effectively.

Right Lessons, Right Time

The role of the guide in a Montessori environment is to connect the child to the world and then the universe through work.  Guides are better at this job when they know what the child has already been given and where he or she needs to go.  At the foundation of this awareness is a record keeping and planning system that allows the guide to access the information quickly in order to better prepare themselves to give the right variety of presentations and lessons to all the children at the right time.

Coming soon to a mobile device near you.

Montessori Notes is an app built to serve the record keeping and planning needs of the Montessori guide on any smartphone or tablet, designed by Montessorians for Montessorians.